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User Story 

When utilizing the modern UX, there is OOTB module to view exiting or add custom portlet. This means any and all portlets are created and managed in the classic UI of Clarity. The only possible way is to create Channels to view them in the modern UX, with the restriction of using the Project module and limited to 5 Channels.

This also means and requires manual effort to create and maintain the Portlets and Channels 1 by 1.


Optovia’s proposal  

We are pleased to share with you the Optovia's Portlet UX, where we offer a new menu that we can place and manage new and existing portlets, and utilizing the standardization webservice of Rest API.


Short Video of how it works

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Functional Steps - how to use it

Please see our QRG library section


Credit for this idea - Who told us about this.

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Prerequisites - version of Clarity

This is supported with Clarity 15.7 and above.

Technical Steps - how to download and deploy this

This component is available for download via our "Members Page"



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Please share your feedback and comments in our community forum.

What kinds of headaches has the Hierarchies given you? Feel free to post in the comments section.

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