CIT Template Filter

User Story

When utilizing the Custom investment Types, there is no OOTB capability to create new instances from templates just as we can with the Project object types. 

This means each new instance requires a manual action when creating each one.


Optovia’s proposal  

We are pleased to share with you the Optovia's CIT Templates Filter, where templates are available upon creation and utilizing the standardization webservice of Rest API.


Short Video of how it works

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Functional Steps - how to use it

Please see our QRG library section.


Credit for this idea - Who told us about this.

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Prerequisites - version of Clarity

This is supported with Clarity 15.7 and above.


Is this compatible with and supported in a GCP environment?

The CIT Templates component is GCP compatible and supported.

Technical Steps - how to download and deploy this

This component is available for download via our "Members Page"



-- TO DO --    

Please share your feedback and comments in our community forum.

What kinds of headaches has the Hierarchies given you? Feel free to post in the comments section.

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